Here our engineer developed several types of HPMC used in alcohol hand sanitizer to replace the Carbomer, Pls find our alcohol hand sanitizer in lab

Our HPMC A900/A904/A910/A930 can used in alcohol-based hand sanitizer,which goes on smooth, dries quickly and leaves hands refreshed.

Product advantages

— Safety and health.

— It can easily solve the trouble of thickening of solvents such as alcohol.

— It can be cold-matched, thickening ability is better than domestic or imported similar products.

— Compatible with superior performance, mild nature, non-irritating.

— Does not contain benzene and any solvents.

Product application advantages

1. Advantages of thickening ability:

In 65% ~ 75% alcohol gel system, our product has very superior thickening effect for alcohol.

2. Advantages of product stability:

Wide applicability, no risk of cross-linking reaction, no interaction, and high stability. Mild nature, low irritation to skin.

Recommend of formula:

For HPMC A904/A910/A930

    Components   Dosage %
   Food grade alcohol      62
   Deionized water      32.95
   Glycerinum      3
   EDTA      0.05
   DOOLCELL A904/A910/A930       2

For HPMC A900

    Components   Dosage %
   Food grade alcohol denatured       95%      70
   Deionized water      24
   Glycerinum  98%      2.5
   Propylene Glycol      2.5
   DOOLCELL A900       1