Today let us move on talk about how to purchase HPMC correctly.

Are you a distributor/agency or an end user? If you are an end user, which company’s cellulose ethers have you used before, such as DOW, TYLOSE, AKZO NOBEL, LOTTE, ASLAND, etc. Which types you used and what’s function of your products for each type? Because of the different product types of these mentioned companies, we offer different types of cellulose ethers include hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in different functional applications to correspond to the cellulose models of these companies. Our laboratory staff needs to perform different functional experiments repeatedly, select the most suitable types, and then we will send our samples to customers, let customers do functional experiments too, and some customers may need to slightly adjust their formulations, the following key factors need to be considered in the formula:

1  what is the amount of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose used

2  what is the amount of base material

3  Reasonable mixing of fillers in formula

4  Local working conditions (Climate, temperature)

5  The qualities of other additives such as local ash calcium quality

Some customers do not need to adjust the formula, directly replacing the previous product with our type can have the same function, of course, our product goal is to help customers save costs without sacrificing quality. At this point, for the end customer, it is the completion of the selection process. Now you can start your business with pleasure.

If you are a distributor/agency, it may be difficult for you to decide which type of product to buy, because the needs of your customers are very diverse, so you need a variety of cellulose ether models.

If you were not skipping through our previous passages, you will have an idea of how to choose the HPMC roughly,

Under some complex situation, you don’t be worry, we are there for sure. we’ll help you to find the right HPMC.

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