DOOLCELL HPMC 75MP75M is a non-ionic, odorless, tasteless white powder cellulose ether. It can be used as an agent of water retention, thickening, adhesive and dispersing, It also plays a role of protective colloid, stabilizer, suspension and film forming.


Appearance White to off-white powder
Particle size 80,100,120mesh
Methoxyl content(%) 19-25
Hydroxypropyloxy content(%) 4.0-12.0
Viscosity (Brookfield-RV, 2% solution, 20℃), 3,5000mPa.s
(NDJ-1, 2% solution, 20℃), 50,000-78,000mPa.s
Gelation temperature(℃) 60-90
Moisture (%) ≤5.0
PH value 5.0-7.5
Residue on ignition ≤5.0


√    Good water retention                                  √    Improve bond strength

√    Improve operability                                    √    Reduce shrinkage and prevent cracking


√  Spray mortar/Gypsum based mortar

Masonry / Plaster/Render Mortar (Cement Base)

Mortar for EIFS

Tile adhesives

Crack fillers / Tile grout

Repair mortar

Waterproof mortar

Wall putty/skim coat (Cement/ Gypsum/Ash based)

Package & Storage & Shelf time

25kg Paper bag, Preserve in original packages. Store in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse

20’FCL:12 tons with pallets or 14 tons without pallets

3 years shelf time in original packages under the described conditions.

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