HPMC FOR ALCOHOL HAND SANITIZER , which can replace of Carbomer used in Alcohol Hand Sanitizer gel

Sanitizing gel is a kind of alcohol hydrogen with high alcohol content. The formulation used polymer as thickening agent to increase the gel viscosity.

Because of its stability in organic solvents and compatibility with organic solvents, Doolcell HPMC series products are the appropriate thickening agent in relevant applications.

Recommended grades:

Formulation reference:

    Components   Dosage %
   Food grade alcohol      62
   Deionized water      32.95
   Glycerinum      3
   EDTA      0.05
   DOOLCELL A904/A910/A930       2


√    Safe & healthy

√    Can easily solve the problem that solvents like alcohol that is hard to be thickened

    Can be formulated under low temperature, has higher thickening ability than domestic and imported similar products, In 65%-75% alcohol gel system, Doolcell HPMC series products have superior thickening affect

√   Good compatibility,gental and non-irritating

√   Widely applied , no cross-linking reaction risk, no interaction ,high stability, gental and low irritant to body skin

√  Free of benzene and any solvent


Alcohol based hand santizer