Making process of Hand Sanitizer with Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC)

Step 1: Stir the ethanol

Step 2:Add the glycerin

Step 3: Add DOOLCELL HPMC A904/ HPMC A910/ HPMC A930, HPMC disperses in the mixture

HPMC acts as thickening agent with more excellently moisturizing, to enhance the viscosity and form gel.

Step 4: Prepare EDTA solution with water,

Step 5: EDTA solution into the mixture of ethanol, glycerin and HPMC

Step 6: Stirring the mixture for 10 min or so until the gel is transparent

Pls watch the following video for the process in the lab



Food grade alcohol (99.5)          62

Deionized water                            32.95

Glycerinum(98%)                          3

EDTA                                                0.05

DOOLCELL A904/A910/A930    2

Total                      100ml


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