Project Description


Safety and Applicability of Seaweed Polysaccaride Vacant Capsules
Seaweed Polysaccaride Vacant Capsule, or HPMC Vacant Capsule (I) is made from HPMC and seaweed polysaccaride, the key processing is shaped with low temperature, the patent developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences and GGOG. Its Patent No. is 201410129728.4.
Physical Property
◆Loss on drying less than 8.5% applicable to the drugs which sensitive to the lack of water;
◆Good flexibility, high strength and easy to power filling;
◆Never weathering away and friability which beneficial to storage;
◆Dissolve in water directly, no water swelling, no abdominal distention after taking the drug;
◆ Disintegration property is stable and the disintegration time will not delay after long time storage.
Chemical Property 
◆There is no risk of Cross-linking Reaction with aldehyde based drugs and the large ring lactone antibiotic to avoid the difficulties for disintegration and dissolution after long time storage;
◆There is no risk of Maillard Reaction with carbohydrate drugs, the drugs will not change color and or caking;
◆There is no risk of Condensation Reaction with the tannins chemical composition existing in traditional Chinese medicine.
Safety Information
◆ All the raw materials are form plant include sea natural plant, there is no pollution risk from chromium and pesticide residue;
◆ There is no any preservatives in the ingredients;
◆ There is no any chlorine alcohol residue due to the sterilization processing without ethylene oxide;
◆ Stability of chemical properties due to there are no Cross-linking Reaction, Condensation Reaction and Maillard Reaction.
◆ The heavy metal limited is twenty per million.
◆It apply to all kinds of people due to there is no any animal components;
◆Different religions and different cultures will be suitable;
◆The qualified filling rate more than 99%.
Raw Materials Information
◆All the raw materials of the ingredient are seaweed polysaccharide and hypromellose;
◆The seaweed hypromellose is main product in our group, the raw materials of seaweed hypromellose is from Australia natural seaweed;
◆The seaweed phyromellose have the properties which include the high strength of gel, good plasticity, easy to film, stability of chemical property. The components of phyromellose have also the function to decrease the blood fat, anti oxygenation, decrease the blood sugar, antitumor.


Type                                   Length (mm)         Outer diameter(mm) Weight
Cap Body Capsule Cap Body (mg)
00# 11.70±0.20 20.20±0.20 24.50±0.30 8.48±0.05 8.18±0.05 122±8
0# 11.00±0.20 18.60±0.20 21.00±0.30 7.46±0.05 7.33±0.05 98±7
1# 9.80±0.20 16.60±0.20 18.80±0.25 6.93±0.05 6.64±0.05 76±6
2# 9.00±0.20 15.40±0.20 17.80±0.25 6.34±0.05 6.08±0.05 65±5
3# 8.10±0.20 13.60±0.20 15.80±0.20 5.82±0.05 5.55±0.05 49±4
4# 7.20±0.20 12.20±0.20 14.30±0.20 5.28±0.05 5.02±0.05 43±3

Filling Quantity With Difference Specific Gravity 

Type Volume                                   Filling quantity (mg)
(cm3) 0.6(g/cm3) 0.8(g/cm3) 1.0(g/cm3) 1.2(g/cm3)
00# 0.95 570 760 950 1140
0# 0.68 408 544 680 816
1# 0.5 300 400 500 600
2# 0.37 222 296 370 444
3# 0.3 180 240 300 360
4# 0.21 126 168 210 252


Type 00# 0# 1# 2# 3# 4#
Ten thousand per case 8 10 14 16 20 25

Quality Standards

Item The Ch.P. This product
Tightness ≤1 of 10 ≤1 of 10
Broken rate ≤5 of 50 ≤1 of 50
Desintegration time (Min) ≤15 ≤10
Sulfite (%) ≤0.01 No requirement①
Loss on drying 3.0-8.0% <6.0%
Protein N/A Not detected
Residue on ignition ≤3.0% transparent ≤3.0% transparent
Residue on ignition ≤6.0% non-transparent ≤6.0% non-transparent
Chromium (ppm) N/A No requirement②
Cadmium (ppm) N/A ≤1
Arsenate (ppm) N/A Raw ≤2③
Heavy metal (ppm) ≤40 ≤20
TPC (cfu/g) ≤500 ≤500
Mould Yeast(cfu/g) ≤100 ≤100
Escherichia coli Not detected Not detected
Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Not detected Not detected
Salmonella bacteria Not detected Not detected

①There is no sulfite to add into the ingredient as preservative ;

②All the ingredient and processing is no chromium;

③The Arsenate control in the phase of raw materials.

◆The storage condition

The product should be sealed up, the temperature is 10-30℃ and the humidity is 20%–65%.