The difference between cement mixed mortar and cement mortar-HPMC

The composition is different

The Cement mixed mortar is mixture of cement, sand , gypsum and water; but the cement mortar is mixture cement , sand and  water.

The application is different

If it is used for decorative plastering, it should be cement mixed mortar for internal walls, cement mortar for external walls and bathroom walls. Good water resistance, and good water retention of cement mixed mortar. Cement mixed mortar has a higher bonding capacity than cement mortar in a dry environment, but it is stronger than cement mixed mortar in a wet environment.

If it is plastered below the ground and the facade is waterproof, use cement mortar. In addition, the strength of cement mortar is higher than that of cement mixed mortar. Therefore, cement mortar is used for corner protection around the door and window holes.

Cement mortar is easy to crack, so mixed mortar is used instead of cement mortar for internal wall plastering. In addition, from the appearance point of view, in the transportation process, the water retention of cement mortar is not as good as that of mixed mortar. Due to the turbulent process of transportation, cement mortar is easy to layer, and the water retention of mixed mortar is better than cement mortar.

In summary, cement mortar is mainly used in wet parts such as basement \ foundation \ hydraulic engineering. Compared with cement mortar with the same label, the strength of cement mortar is higher than that of cement mixed mortar. Therefore, in practical applications, cement mortar should be used for corner protection of doors and windows.

Mixed mortar is better than cement mortar due to the operability of masonry mortar after adding lime paste, which is convenient for construction operation and saves cement, but the strength is reduced, and the ability of waterproof and moisture resistance is poor. Parts.

 The composition of cement mortar: cement and sand, used in foundation masonry and indoor plastering in very few places.

The composition of the mixed mortar: cement, sand and white lime paste, used for most of the masonry on the ground and indoor plastering, but the proportion of the mixed mortar for the masonry is determined according to the formula of different regions.

We recommend HPMC 75HP100M used in above applications.

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