Ceramic tile grouts have the advantages of waterproof, mildew-proof, scrubbing resistance and rich color.

1. Waterproof function: The ceramic tile surface and the filler filling between the ceramic tile seams form a complete waterproof layer, which avoids water seeping into the wall from the brick seams and causes the ceramic tile to fall off. 2. Anti-mildew function: It will not start yellowing, cracking and mildew like white cement after a period of CNC machine tool time, even if the surface is often wet, it will not mildew. 3. Scrub-resistant function: long time does not clean tile and sealant surface, but as long as the wet cloth scrubbed, will restore the original color of sealant, bright as new. 4. Rich colors: If you want to pursue personalized decoration, you can use similar color sealants after buying colorful tiles and mosaics, to avoid the embarrassment of single white traditional white cement. 2. Usage: Find a clean basin, pour a certain proportion of clean water into it, add sealant, stir until uniform, no particles, no caking (such as toothpaste-like appearance of processing center), stand for three minutes, then press hard into the crack along the crack of the brick at 45 degrees and compact it. When the surface of the sealant is slightly dry (about half an hour), first clean the tile surface simply, try not to do so. Bring out the sealant in the crack of the brick, and thoroughly clean the sealant between the surface of the tile and the crack of the brick within 24 hours.

With regard to the construction of sealants, we suggest that:

First, do not add sealant immediately after the tiles are pasted. Generally, the sealant is filled at the end of the decoration. Otherwise, it will be dirty easily if it is filled early.

Secondly, after the filler is added, the part glued to the tile must be wiped off with clean cotton yarn in time. Otherwise, the filler will be glued to the tile, which is difficult to erase. If it is dark ceramic tile, the impact will be greater. What if the sealant rubs late and sticks to the tile? In this case, pure water alone is not feasible, if not many, not serious, you can buy ceramic tile detergent in supermarkets, general supermarkets sell detergents are sold in places, if many sticky, or ceramic tile is dark, then it is best to use oxalic acid, general pharmacies, chemical reagent stores or small shops near the building materials city.

Regarding the dosage of sealant, generally, 5 kg sealant can be used for 4-5 square meters for 5 mm seam and 7-8 square meters for 3 mm seam.

There is no need for high viscosity HPMC in sealant. We recommend using a viscosity of 45 000. The model is HPMC 75MP60M

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